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Why focus on Fleet Safety?
Now more than ever it is important for companies, regardless of their size, who operate vehicles for business purposes must have a documented Fleet Safety program to protect their interests! Most employers are unaware that crashes are the leading cause of workplace deaths in the United States.

Most recently, figures show that motor vehicle injuries cost an astonishing $22.3 billion every year! Ultimately focusing on Fleet Safety will promote a healthy organization by mitigating unnecessary risks, reduce costs, protect profits and improve employee satisfaction rate.
Fleet Safety is good business
There is a clear link between a well-managed vehicle fleet and profitability. With more than 90 percent of crashes caused by human error (per the National Safety Council or NSC) creating a Fleet Safety plan will help your bottom line! A documented Fleet Safety plan pays off in multiple fashions - tangible benefits are a reduction of vehicle maintenance, downtime, and increased fuel efficiency. Intangible advantages could be increase in employee satisfaction, owner’s peace of mind with a documented process to follow.
Fleet Safety is the law
Whether you are blissfully unaware or not, Fleet Safety is the law! Health and safety regulations considers any vehicle used by an employee to support the operations of a company as a ‘workplace’, regardless of who owns the vehicle - employer or employee. Legally business owners have the potential to pay gravely for any accident -- a negligence claim alone could cripple a business.
The Human Cost
Drivers take a lot of risks on our roads today - with people speeding, driving impaired, massive traffic congestion and the prevalent use of mobile phones all has led to a high probability of accidents.

Employees injured in a motor vehicle accident can have a negative boomerang effect to a company by incurring costs such as lost production, workers compensation, replacement costs such as new staff and equipment, insurance premiums/increases and a potential burden of civil lawsuits. But the huge financial burden and human cost of road crashes goes far beyond your workplace. In 2013 the NSC documented the estimated cost of motor vehicle deaths was $267.5 billion.
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